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As an attorney accepting appointments from the Federal Courts you are entitled to use Defender Services' training benefits. For more information see the address and phone number listed.

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By Lucien B. Campbell
An overview of procedures pertaining to appointment under the CJA, including tips for witness subpoenas; authorization for experts and other services; compensation; and reimbursement.

By Troy Stabenow, Assistant Federal Public Defender, Western District of Missouri
(The Federal Sentencing Reporter, Vol. 24, No. 2, p. 108, December 2011) This article provides: (1) a summary of court trends from 2008 to 2011, providing empirical evidence that courts increasingly sentence 2G2.2 cases below the Guidelines; (2) new information on charging and plea disparities around the country; and (3) a survey of the various forensic studies undertaken in an effort to quantify the risk that these offenders will go on to re-offend, or "progress" to contact offenses.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics has released the report “Arrest in the United States 1980-2009,” available at http://www.bjs.gov/index.cfm?ty=pbdetail&iid=2203

Of particular interest to you may be the Arrest Data Analysis Tool they developed.


This tool appears to allow you, by choosing “Agency-Level Counts” and working down from there, to see the specific number of arrests made by each individual law enforcement agency in your jurisdiction, further itemized by year, type of crime, age bracket of the person arrested, gender, and race.

By Troy Stabenow, Assistant Federal Public Defender, Western District of Missouri

A resource for Defender staff and CJA panel attorneys when facing cases with large volumes of discovery and/or electronic discovery. The page defines litigation support, provides contact information for the National Litigation Support Team, and contains links to an Initial Discovery Assessment Checklist, Recommended E-Discovery Practices for FPD/CJA Attorneys, and a Guide for CJA Panel Attorneys on Obtaining Litigation Support Resources.

An outline of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure with annotated cross-references, case citations, and practice commentary.